Mikołaj Pasiński


My name is Mikołaj Pasiński. I’m a graphic designer and writer living in Wrocław, Poland.
I’m mostly interested in book design, typography, print, and UX/UI.

I was a co-founder and long-time editor for Polish music magazine popupmusic.pl.
I’m also a co-author of a graphic novel “Fertility” and books for children: “Elephant on the moon”, “Balonowa 5”.

If you want to work with me, talk about foreign rights for the books, or just say hello, I’ll be delighted to read your email. Contact me: mikolaj.pasinski@gmail.com

“Fertility”, written by Mikołaj Pasiński and Gosia Herba
“Elephant on the moon”, written by Mikołaj Pasiński and Gosia Herba
“Balonowa 5”, written by Mikołaj Pasiński, illustrated by Gosia Herba

Publishers and clients:
Egmont | Matilda editrice | Wolno | Warstwy | Znak Emotikon | Dwie Siostry | Centrala
IBS | Polsource | Mapa Organizacji | CarbonCherry | Rootit | BMW | AB InBev | Hicron | useme

Gosia Herba
The Codeine
New Rome
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