Four videos on various mathematical sequences.

Sequence of prime numbers in ascending order.
First 999 objects.

Picture: Mikołaj Pasiński
Sound: Marcin Polak

First 300 numbers from the Fibonacci Sequence.
F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2)

Picture: Mikołaj Pasiński
Sound/field recording: Marcin Polak
Sounds recorded in الإسكندرية in 2015

The Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence

The Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence is a maximally unpredictable sequence. The sequence starts with {1, 2, 1} and continues according to the following rule: find the longest sequence at the end that has occurred at least once previously. If there are more than one previous occurrences select the last one. The next digit of the sequence is the opposite of the one following the previous occurrence. []

Picture: Mikołaj Pasiński
Sound recorded by Marcin Polak in الإسكندرية in 2015

Per Nørgård’s infinity sequence (1792 terms)

Formula: a(2n) = -a(n) a(2n+1) = a(n) + 1 a(0) = 0

Picture: Mikołaj Pasiński
Midi generated with a script written by David Applegate [].